Before School Program

The New Morning Before School Program offers safe, enjoyable activities for your child.  We are located right at the Jacques Memorial School.  Our Before School Program starts at 7 am in the multipurpose room.  You must walk your child into the gym and sign him or her in on a 5 session ticket that you have purchased. (We keep the ticket at the program.)  You may use us according to your schedule; full time, a few days a week, or occasionally. Your child can attend the morning program with no prior notice (except completed registration form) and we will provide a variety of indoor activities.  At the right time, with all personal belongings in tow, we’ll send your child to his or her classroom or outside to the playground to join friends coming off the buses. We’ll get Heron Pond students safely on their bus to school.

Remember, no matter what your expected schedule, you will be charged only for the days that your child actually attends our program, and not for days missed for any reason.  If you qualify for state assistance to pay for child care, you must call our office to make those arrangements before your child begins to attend the program.  You will be responsible for the portion of the weekly cost that the state does not cover.


$20.00 for a five day ticket

We offer a 20% discount for siblings

If you would like to register your child for the Before School Program, complete the registration form and mail it to our office.  Registration forms may be found on our website,, or we would be happy to mail, fax or email the forms to you.

Return the registration form with payment for your child’s first five day ticket. Checks should be made out to New Morning Schools. There is no registration fee, but we must have the registration form on file before your child’s first day of attendance at the program.

The State requires us to have a health form on file for your child listing all immunizations.  We do not have access to the school nurse’s records.  Please forward a health form to us before your child’s first day at the program.  The State requires an updated health form every two years.

If you have any questions, call our office at 669-3591, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  After hours and weekends you can leave a message, including your child’s name and the school they attend.  We have a lot of fun at the Before and After School Programs and look forward to having your child join us!


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