Bikes for Books

Bikes for Books is a reading incentive program created by the Masons for children in elementary schools in support of literacy programs in our schools. The Milford Masonic Temple Association, under the direction of Mr. Artie Dunham, is sponsoring this program at both the Heron Pond School and Jacques Memorial School.  


The Bikes for Books program is very simple.  Each student is asked to read as many books as they can from now until Friday, June 4th.  Students complete a Google Form for every book they read. The more books they read the greater chance they have to win and receive a new bike.  We will be raffling off these bikes at a date to be announced in June.


The entry form includes the name of the book and the author, as well as the student’s name, grade and teacher’s name.  The student also fills out a short description of the book.  After completing the entry form, please press “Submit” 


Please click this link to access the Bikes for Book Entry form: 

Book Entry Form


The Masons will be awarding a bike to one girl and one boy per grade level.  A special Thank you to the Milford Masonic Temple Association for supporting this worthwhile program.