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Welcome to Jacques!

Welcome to kindergarten! My name is Elizabeth Casey, and I joined the Jacques community since 2011, shortly after graduating from college. I am dual certified in both general elementary education (K-8) and in general special education. I am so happy to welcome your child to our amazing school this year! I am very excited to have another group of super star learners in my classroom and I hope that your child is ready for fun! 
Outside of the classroom, you can find me spending time with family and friends, cooking in my kitchen, curled up with a book or tending to my indoor plant jungle! 
During the school year, we will be patterning, sorting, writing numbers to 20, counting aloud to 100 by ones and tens, adding and subtracting. 

Ideas for Practice:

Patterns: Have your child make a pattern necklace with pony beads or colored macaroni, build a pattern with Legos, or draw a pattern with markers. 
Counting: Count aloud, purposely making a mistake for your child to catch. Ask him/her to correct you. Count with your child on car rides. Look for fun counting songs on the internet and sing them at night with your child. Count items in your house together. How many forks do you have in the kitchen drawer? How many chairs do you have in the house?

Shapes: Ask your child to find a specific shape in your house or in the store. See how many times your child can locate that shape. Have your child draw or trace shapes on paper. Look online for free, shape play dough mats that allow your child to build shapes out of play dough on the mat. 
Numbers: Go on a number hunt in the store and see what numbers your child can find. Practice writing numbers with markers, colored pencils, pencils or crayons. Have your child use glue to write numbers, and then have your child cover the numbers he/she created with glitter. Find free play dough mats online which will allow your child to build numbers with play dough on the mat. Buy craft sand at the store and pour it on a paper plate; have your child trace numbers in the sand with his/her finger. 

Over the course of the school year, students will be learning to recognize, name and write the letters of the alphabet before using those skills to learn to read consonant, vowel, consonant (CVC) words.   

Ideas for Practice:

Letters: Have your child go on a letter hunt at home or in the store. See what letters he/she can find! Have your child pick his/her favorite book and look for a specific letter within the book. See how many times he/she can find that letter. Purchase a foam cut out of the initial letter in your child's name. Discuss the letter and the letter sound that the letter makes with your child. Decorate the letter with glitter, stickers, sequins, faux flowers, or photographs. Pour craft sand on a plate and have your child trace letters in the sand. Have your child build letters with play dough. Make cookies with your child and use letter cookie cutters to make letter shaped cookies. Purchase letter magnets for the refrigerator and allow your child to play with the magnets on the fridge.
Sight Words: Buy letter beads and have your child build sight words with the letter beads on pipe cleaners, or have him/her make a sight word necklace. Use play dough to build sight words on mats. Have your child build sight words using large, glass beads from the dollar store. Create sight word flashcards and use them to play Go Fish or match style games with your child. Look for designated sight words in beloved story books. Have your child write his/her sight words in craft sand. 

CVC Words: Use letter magnets to build words using the letters that have been taught in the classroom and have your child read the words to you. Many Dr. Seuss books feature a number of CVC words, including Hop on Pop. Pick out several Dr. Seuss books at the library with your child and read them together, allowing your child to sound out the CVC words on the pages. Purchase letter beads and build "word necklaces" or "word bracelets" using the beads. Have your child read the words that he/she creates with the beads. Create CVC words using letter stickers. Have your child read the words aloud. Use alphabet stamps to build CVC words. Have your child read the words. 
Self Help Skills

Even at the start of kindergarten, we are preparing our students for first grade! Cooperation, listening skills and sharing are important school readiness skills, but self help skills such as zipping coats and tying shoes are also extremely important as well! Please review and practice the following skills at home with your child! 

  1. Fastening buttons.
  2. Zipping coats. 
  3. Turning out sweatshirts and shirts that are inside-out. 
  4. Putting shoes on independently. 
  5. Tying shoe laces.
  6. Buckling and unbuckling belts. 
  7. Putting on gloves, mittens and hats independently. 
Please make sure that all items of clothing are labeled with your child's name. Thank you!
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