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Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Arrival Procedures

The arrival bell rings at 8:15 AM. At that time staff members head outside for their morning duties. Parents that choose to walk their students to the school must park offsite and walk up. The loop in front of The Bales School is available for parents that want to drop off their students. Please do not let your child exit the car unless a staff member is present.  Students are considered late at 8:35 AM.

Kindergarten & first grade students go directly to recess weather permitting.  During the winter months, Students will begin their day in their classrooms whenever there is snow on the playground.   Our blacktop cannot safely accommodate the number of students who are not prepared to play in the snow.   Therefore students do not need to come to school dressed “head to toe”.  However, they will go outside later in the day and should come to school with their snow gear 

  •        An extra set of dry clothes/socks is highly recommended in case everyday clothing gets wet. These can be in your child’s back pack in a plastic bag.  We also ask you to label their clothing.  If clothing is labeled, we make every attempt to match it to its owner.
  •        If you need support or assistance with providing for your child, any of the required snow gear, we are able to help.  Please contact Tracy Holland at Jacques (X4005).
  •        It is important that all students participate in recess. It is expected that all students participate in outdoor recess unless the student has a note from the physician that the child remain indoors.


Dismissal Procedures

The Jacques School day ends at 2:45 PM. Parents picking up their child must park off site and walk up the school. Bus students are dismissed to the back of the building for boarding. Once all of the buses have arrived the walkers will be dismissed.