Bikes for Books Winners

Jacques Memorial School announced it’s annual Bikes for Books winners during Fun Day (June 4th)!

Bikes for Books is a reading incentive program sponsored by the Milford Masons. Students are encouraged to read books to increase their chances of winning a new bike.  Four winners (Boy and Girl) from each grade (Kindergarten and First Grade) are selected from a pool of submitted entry forms. Students read over 900 books!

Congratulations to this year’s winners and a special thank you for the Milford Masons and Mr. Artie Dunham for supporting this worthwhile program and promoting literacy with our young students!

This year’s Winners are:
Aiden McCloat, Mrs. Straws Kindergarten Class
Jaxon Card, Mrs. Nivens First Grade Class
Nora Macduff, Ms. Minott’s Kindergarten Class
Ashlyn Bull, Mrs. Martinez's First Grade Class (not in the photo)
Also in the photo are:
Mr. Dunham (Milford Masons)
Mr. O’Connell (JMS Principal)