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As part of the specialist rotation, students will visit the library for 40 minutes per week.
Library loan for students began the second week of school, however, these books go to the students’ classroom only.

Starting the week of November 3rd, First Grade students only will be allowed to take (1) book home per week. These books are due back the following week on their library day.
If a student wishes to renew the book for another week, they must still bring the book back in with them. This helps to reinforce the routine, as well as the responsibility of borrowing and caring for books from the library.
In addition to the students' weekly specials, students' will be getting 40 minutes bi-weekly of focused, in-class STEM instruction. Students will be introduced to a variety of online resources centered around Science, Technology, ELA (Literacy) and Math. Students will learn and practice core technology skills to prepare them for the future, as well as a chance to integrate technology into their multiple classroom curriculums.
Many of the resources are most helpful in conjunction with headphones. Headphones were listed on each teacher's supply list. If you have not sent in your student(s) with their own pair of headphones, please do so as soon as possible. If purchasing headphones isn't feasible, please fill out the form below and a pair of school-issued headphones will be given to them for their use only.
Did you know?
Your Wadleigh Memorial Library Card also gives you access to thousands of EBooks and Audio Books for Loan! NH Overdrive is used in conjunction with all NH public libraries to give access to additional materials for home use! Get started today!
More information on this can be found here:
NH Overdrive
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  • Input Your Library Card Number:
  • Password: Your Wadleigh Library Pin
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  • <-- Can be used in conjunction with NH Overdrive as a place to enjoy your rented ebooks and audiobooks.