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Many parents have questions about their student’s care here at Milford Elementary School.  The Milford Elementary School Parent Handbook addresses most policies and procedures and is your best resource. Here is some additional quick help to guide you through your child’s elementary school years.
Medications: Taking medications at school is not encouraged, but if it is unavoidable ALL medications must be brought to the nurse by an adult. If the student needs a prescription medication, written permission from the parent/guardian will be required along with a doctor’s order. 
The medication must be in a pharmacy labeled container. Over the counter medications will require written permission from the parent/guardian and the original packaging with ingredients and instructions. This includes items such as cough drops/strips and pops.


Clothing:  Your child should be prepared to go out to recess every day. There is outdoor recess unless it is raining, below 15 degrees, or too icy. To save a phone call and time out of your day, children in all grades should have an extra set of clothes in their backpack or cubby in case of an accident (spills, falls, etc).


Illness: Sometimes it is difficult to decide if your child needs to stay home from school.  We recommend you keep your child home if he/she has a temperature of 100.0 or above, is vomiting, or has diarrhea.  You should also keep your child home for 24 hours after these symptoms resolve.  If you decide to send your child to school, telling him/her that you will come to pick him up will almost certainly guarantee you a phone call.  Rest assured we will call you if your child needs to go home.


Head Lice:  No student will be excluded from attendance solely based on the grounds that nits may be present. Routine exclusion of children with head lice is not recommended. Instruction will be given to the parent/guardian of each identified student and will include recommendations for treatment consistent with the NH Department of Health and Human Services. Parents are encouraged to check their children regularly.


Physical Education: Students may be excused from participation upon receipt of notice from a duly licensed physician . Temporary excuses from physical education participation, upon written request from the parent may be granted by the principal/designee on a daily basis.


Recess: Recess is a part of the elementary school program. It is an important time for the children to meet friends, relax and play. Most of the time, the children go outside for all or a portion of the recess for fresh air and exercise. During the winter months outside temperatures, wind chill and playground conditions are the factors we consider before making a decision for outdoor recess. We urge that children be dressed appropriately in order to cope with the weather.


Any child who is not well enough to go to recess should remain at home unless we have a request from a physician for the child to remain indoors.