Social Worker


My name is Tracy Holland and I am the social worker for Jacques. My overall goal is to help students and families have a happy and successful school year.  One way I can help is by providing families with resources for food, clothing, housing, insurance, counseling, parenting support, and more. I am available by phone or email if you need help finding resources or just help navigating the various community resources.  I will also be providing individual and group counseling to those that are in need of some extra support.  

Another part of my role will be working to enhance Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for our students.  The district has decided to use the CASEL Social Emotional Framework. Students will gain knowledge in self-awareness, social awareness, responsible decision-making, self-management, and relationship skills. I found this quote from Steve Arnold, Board Member of CASEL that sums up why it is important to focus on Social Emotional Learning.  “Social-emotional learning makes kids feel more safe, more willing to take risks, more willing to form meaningful relationships, all of which is shown to have a huge difference in people’s growth.”  


I am excited to be working at Jacques and know together we can make this a great year!  My contact information is 673-4434 ext. 4005 or email